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Frederique Bekale


Frederique is a true artisan and entrepreneur, bringing joy to customers one cookie at a time while building a thriving business rooted in her love for baking. With a deep love for creating delicious, sweet treats, Frederique has harnessed her culinary skills and creativity to build a successful cookie bakery.

The Cookie Fund Why?

The Wedding Cookie Fund is a groundbreaking scholarship program designed to support women embarking on the journey of marriage within the next six months to a year. Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower brides to create unforgettable wedding experiences without succumbing to the burdens of financial strain. In the whirlwind of wedding planning, brides often face numerous challenges, from crafting the perfect guest list to securing reliable vendors, all while managing budget constraints. The reality is stark: the average cost of a midsize wedding exceeds $30,000, leaving many brides grappling with difficult choices and compromises. The Wedding Cookie Fund recognizes the significance of weddings beyond mere festivities; they are expressions of love, commitment, and cherished memories for all involved. By providing financial assistance to ten deserving women by 2026, we aim to alleviate the financial pressures associated with marriage, allowing couples to focus on what truly matters: celebrating their love in a meaningful and joyous manner

Program Goals

The Wedding Cookie Fund aims to alleviate the financial burden of marriage by providing partial coverage of wedding costs for ten deserving women by 2026, enabling couples to realize their dream weddings without overwhelming debt, and start their new lives together on a positive financial footing.

In addition to financial assistance, we aim to empower scholarship recipients with knowledge and resources for informed decision-making during the wedding planning process, offering workshops, seminars, and online resources to educate brides on budgeting, vendor selection, and other essential aspects, equipping them to navigate confidently and efficiently.

The Wedding Cookie Fund aims to cultivate a supportive community of past and present scholarship recipients, donors, and industry partners united in celebrating love and easing financial stress. Through networking events, mentorship programs, and online forums, we strive to establish a nurturing ecosystem where brides can connect, share experiences, and provide mutual support, ensuring no one feels isolated in their wedding planning journey.


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The Wedding Cookie Fund is driven by a passionate commitment to enabling women to cherish their wedding day without the weight of financial worry. Our mission is clear: to offer financial assistance and guidance to brides, allowing them to craft meaningful and memorable wedding celebrations without incurring debt. Through our support, we strive to empower couples to embrace their special day with joy, freedom, and peace of mind, creating cherished memories that last a lifetime.


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The Wedding Cookie Fund envisions a world where the financial barriers to marriage are dismantled, and every woman has the freedom to craft her perfect wedding day without sacrificing her financial well-being. Our vision is simple yet transformative: to offer scholarships that cover partial wedding expenses, providing brides with the resources and support they need to create unforgettable memories. By championing financial empowerment and celebrating love in all its forms, we strive to inspire a future where weddings are accessible, joyous, and truly reflective of each couple's unique journey.

Theory of Change

The Theory of Change implemented by The Wedding Cookie Fund addresses the financial strain faced by women planning their weddings within six months to a year. By leveraging partnerships, social media campaigns, and community referrals, the program identifies those in need. Through a rigorous application process, including the submission of personal stories and financial details, a selection committee identifies deserving candidates based on criteria like financial need and creativity. Successful applicants are awarded scholarships tailored to their specific requirements, covering partial wedding expenses. Coupled with financial education workshops and personalized guidance, recipients are empowered to navigate the wedding planning process effectively. With this support, they can realize their dream weddings without accumulating debt, fostering memorable experiences that align with their values. Furthermore, alumni engagement fosters a supportive community where past recipients can offer advice and contribute to the program's mission. Continuous improvement is ensured through rigorous impact evaluation, utilizing metrics such as scholarship distribution and feedback to refine strategies and enhance future outcomes.